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By Martin Popoff

Anders has always hinted in the past that being on the road is a bit of a chore; indeed, he gets pretty quiet out there, moody almost. Passenger will likely get some touring under their belt vaguely out there in the future, but for now - in terms of exposure and access to the band live - it seems like the In Flames World Tour has been in progress for three years with no end in sight. Or sites.

"Of course, you get a lot of time on your own," comments Anders on the rigors of the road, "on the tour bus when you close the curtain and so on, which you don't usually get at home. I don't discuss that side. When I'm on the road I try to shut off all my feelings. And I try to be as healthy as possible, even know that is very hard with all the beers (laughs). It's like, you can't allow yourself to get sick so you have to shut that off, as well as feelings, emotions, because you're away from your girlfriend for a long, long time. It's terrible if you start crying basically (laughs) and want to go home. So you become more like a robot. You have something to do and you always look forward to that night when you actually play that hour or whatever it is. And the rest of the day's basically just waiting, waiting, waiting."

Has anything from the Passenger experience impressed upon you so much, that perhaps you might take those experiences with you into the construction of the next In Flames record?

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