Stephen Pearcy - Ratt Daze
By Mitch Lafon

Welcome to another chapter of "As The Ratt World Turns." When we last left our heroes, Jizzy Pearl had replaced Stephen Pearcy as lead singer of the once mighty '80s rock band. The new band led by drummer, manager, agent, promoter, writer, and everything else, Bobby Blotzer, and his partner in crime, Warren Demartini had taken the boys on the road for an east coast tour. Fans were left baffled by the Pearcy-less wonders. Many were angered. Some were won over, but most hoped that the real Ratt of Pearcy, Croucier, Crosby, Blotzer and Demartini would reunite and put a proper exclamation mark to a brilliant career and band. But it was not to be as Pearcy tells his tale, "those guys have put the final nail in the coffin. They've taken advantage of a good thing. I think it's just disgusting and fraudulent. It's about integrity and guys ruining my credibility. They should have gone out under a different name and done their own thing. Now, they have another problem and that's ME! I started and created the band down to logo, name and music. They are deliberately ruining the catalogue, publishing, and the name and bringing the credibility to an all-time low. They don't care and that the worst thing about it."

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