by Mitch Lafon

RATT has had its share of ups and downs since the halcyon days of the '80s Sunset Strip scene, but 2010 has been simply incredible for the band. First, they released the brilliant hard-rocking album, Infestation, that garnered almost unanimous praise and positive reviews and then they hit the road with hard rock icons the Scorpions while also headlining shows across the globe. You'd think with all that success and hard work, lead singer Stephen Pearcy would welcome their upcoming break in the schedule to get re-acquainted with his California home, but no. As the Ratt machine winds down for 2010, Pearcy is prepping albums by bands signed to his Top Fuel Records label, is planning a new outfit tentatively called BATTERING RAMM, is hoping to record a new solo album (that he wrote while on the road this summer) and will be hitting the road with his Rat Bastards solo band (playing the best of ARCADE, RATT, VICIOUS DELITE and more).

ML: What's next for Ratt?

SP: "First, we have to finish the few dates we have left on the table and we did some filming a couple of nights back for our next single, 'Eat Me Up Alive'. It'll be a live montage kind of video and then I have to take care of some unfinished business with the band and me. After, that I'm off and running doing some solo stuff and a new project. I'm also going to get the label (Top Fuel Records) in gear and get the RIOT BRIDES back in the studio. Their EP is out and the girls are selling some records."

ML: Now, that you are back in Ratt is Stephen Pearcy solo finished or on hiatus?

SP: "No, I'm just starting. Like I said, I have some unfinished business with the band because as usual it's complicated and dysfunctional. Things just didn't fall into place and I've left my options open. So, I'll continue to pursue my solo stuff and do another solo record, but first and foremost I'm a guitar player and I'm going to be putting together a band/ project tentatively called BATTERING RAMM. The stuff that I'm writing for this project along with RAT BASTARD guitarist Erik Ferentinos is way heavy and ass-kicking, but I won't be singing (which will probably make some people happy {laughs}). I'll only play guitar. I'll get a singer, some established players and we'll put out some songs."

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