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by Mitch Lafon

ML: I'm sure that will make a lot of people unhappy actually.

SP: "I'll still go out and shake it up with the RAT BASTARDS and sing. That's not going to stop. In fact, I already have a few dates posted. I plan on spending months and months with these things (projects). I'm real excited about getting the Top Fuel Records projects going. I've been writing Ratt songs since day one and the EP was my early MICKEY Ratt music. So, I've got a new MICKEY RATT compilation coming out later this year which will lead, hopefully, into a new solo record and then there will be the Battering Ramm record. The music for that is insane it's Vicious Delite meets my solo stuff meets hard core Ratt meets new music all into one. Like I said, it'll be ass-kicking."

ML: That's great news. A lot of bands (BON JOVI for example), as they've gotten older, have toned it down and become all "ballad-y", but not you. You've only gotten harder and darker. Will you be giving up the 'metal' anytime soon?

SP: "Oh, no. No no no, especially when I have the opportunity to play guitar and Battering Ramm will be a hardcore project. I'll put out the Battering Ramm record and we'll see where it goes. If it gets to be a band after the recording; it'll be a five piece metal assault."

ML: How does this work in with the Ratt schedule? There's obviously going to be another album and tour in 2011, right?

SP: "We'll see what happens. I'm not looking at that right now. I just want to finish up and take a break. I want to get my health together. I'm still not 100%. I'm not jumping off the risers just yet and to sing after a hernia surgery is a whole painstaking thing."

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