STEPHEN PEARCY - Leader Of The RATT Pack Page 3
by Mitch Lafon

ML: Still you managed to get the SCORPIONS dates done.

SP: "We had a great tour with them. We jammed with them the last night and it was very very cool. They are just the utmost professionals and hopefully they won't retire. There is chatter of doing more stuff, but I just want to finish up the Ratt stuff for now. There seems to be different agendas. I came back into the fold to take care of business first and foremost. I'm very happy with the new record (Infestation) and it's still selling very well. Carlos (Cavazo ex-QUIET RIOT) and I unleashed the first two singles ('Best Of Me' and 'Eat Me Up Alive')."

ML: Carlos is an incredible addition to the band.

SP: "He's perfect. He's a great great guy. He's a total pro who just wants to play and he CAN play. He's got the freedom to play and we're getting back to that Robbin (Crosby - late guitarist)/Warren (DeMartini) lead solo stuff that we haven't done in ages. That's a big plus and I look forward to a lot of good things, but there's also a lot of things I don't look forward to in Ratt that it's become redundant."

ML: Let me ask you about the down side of Ratt. I don't want to get too negative, but your drummer, Bobby Blotzer, just released a book...

SP: "Is that what you call it {laughs}?)"

ML: It's a 'collection of words' and some of things that were said in it... well, it might have been a good idea to wait until the band had broken up for good or maybe make sure you've out lived your band mates...

SP: "I'll keep a lot of things to myself 'cause I don't need to give that book any more attention than it deserves. I've been working on something called Rat Tales (which is still on the table) and lo and behold Tales Of Rat by Bobby Blotzer comes out. It's not too original, but anyways. There are some things that I find very misleading and he speaks for us on some things that are so far from the truth. He spent a lot of time out there devoted to his agenda and should have taken care of the Ratt agenda instead."

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