STEPHEN PEARCY - Leader Of The RATT Pack Page 5
by Mitch Lafon

ML: It's going to be great... Will it be released in other territories?

SP: "As far as I know it won't be or at least not right now. That's what I meant before, there are a lot of things as far as I'm concerned that aren't properly in place or haven't been in place since I got back (in the band). There needs to be a whole restructuring of a lot of things before I'm comfortable back in MY band. I'd rather take care of my brand and my business. I can live with my legacy. I don't need to stroke it every ten minutes to prove I'm in Ratt or what I've done. It's in the 'books' so to speak. There are a lot of things that aren't as straight ahead or taken care of to my liking just to be comfortable yet. I'm looking forward to a break (from Ratt). I've been writing everyday out there (on the road) and I'm ready to go with new solo stuff with the Rat Bastards and Battering Ramm (which will be insane). I'll be playing guitar and we've got some great songs. Will we do another Ratt record? I don't know. We'll see what happens."

In the meantime, Pearcy ends by saying that he's looking for a new agent and management, writing like a madman and will be announcing more solo tour dates soon.

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