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By Mitch Lafon

"You have one guy left that didn't write a single note and then you have another (who's a great guitar player), but obviously doesn't give a shit. I think he's just trying to piss me off. I have lawyers on all of this stuff. All I know is that I care about the integrity, the name, the music, the logo, and the music that I created. Not the greed and the misleading of the public. They should be truthful and tell the people 'that we have a new band, are going to take advantage of the situation and ram in into the ground. End of story.' I've had to put up with a year of being slandered and totally discredited. I've not said anything bad about these people, yet they've tried to make my life a living hell, but pay back is a bitch. What comes around goes around as they're going to find out. Juan and Robin should be glad that they're not involved in this bullshit."

What's next for our valiant hero, Captain Pearcy? "I'm working on my first solo record. It's me doing hardcore in your face f**k you music. I hate being predictable and that was probably the downfall of the last Ratt record. It's me playing guitar and writing the songs. I'm down from thirty-five to eleven songs. Lyrically, it's way pissed off. The new music is up-to-date, but I'm not following a trend or fad. I'm not going to being doing hip-hop. People are going to be very surprised. Like I said, it's way heavy, but people are going to know my voice. The album is called 'Social Intercourse'. It'll be out in June. I'll go out on the Ratt 'Social Disorder' tour featuring Stephen Pearcy so that there will be no confusion as to who is singing in MY band Ratt. When I go out as Ratt featuring Stephen Pearcy, I'm saying 'you're getting the guy that wrote the songs and IS the singer.' I'll be playing the brand new stuff and the Ratt music like 'Sweet Cheater' and 'U Got It'. I'll play two hours and I sing better 'cause I can't move around as much, but who knows, maybe I'll get some ants in my pants."

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