Stephen Pearcy - Ratt Daze Page 3
By Mitch Lafon

And what does the future hold for our fearless hero, Captain Pearcy? "The next thing you'll hear from me is Ratt Tales - the book. I'm going to let people know and see inside the inner guts and workings of what a band really is. I'm not going to bad rap people, but I'm going to be very honest. I'll talk about life on the road, the business and what I've learned. How you think friends are friends, but that's really not the case."

In other news, Stephen has started his own label, Top Fuel Records and has signed Sin Industries for a late May release, Buel 36, Gash Inc. and Bellylove to deals. "I'm more excited about breaking new bands than myself. Been there done that." He's also released various Ratt/Pearcy related albums including the 'Vicious Delight' CD (plus two bonus tracks), Arcade A/3 (live and unreleased), Before and Laughter (Ratt outtakes and demos), Mickey Ratt (pre-Ratt band), Nitronic Live and Overloaded (box set). For more info visit: