Uncovering Perfection Page 2
by C.J. Cain

One, Metallica: With the first four notes, you know you are in for a high-powered statement about the horrors of war. For me it similarly signifies another band's triumphant return from tragedy. Newcomer Jason Newsted leaves no doubt that he has earned every bass player's dream gig.

You've Got Another Thing Coming, Judas Priest: C'mon, how do you pick just one Priest song? This is my pick because it is probably the only one that sneaks through the filters of "rock" stations in my area and actually gets air play. Classic power chords and the universal message - "One life, I'm gonna live it up!"

Crazy Train, Ozzy Osbourne: Let's take this one step further and insist Ozzy never has another of his guitarists play it again. Randy Rhoads' signature is all over this one. While I blame MTV and music videos for enticing metal bands to "be pretty," I have to admit that the tribute video is classic, closing with Ozzy triumphantly lifting his guitar wunderkind.

Since cover tunes are a way of life (try going to a birthday party without singing one), let's protect the handful of songs that stand alone. It is admirable to strive for perfection - it is ludicrous to try to top it!