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by Martin Popoff

"Well, I think it's a reaction to the heavy metal kinds of sounds that were really prevalent in the '80s and early '90s, the soloing, the guitar technique," explains Joe, on discovering this mojo. "It started to all sound the same, going for that compressed, really overdriven sound - big, fat slabs of power chords. And to feel like that's the be all and end all, that's a short, dead end street to me. Being able to use those kinds of guitar sounds, thinner, say, country kinds of clean guitar sounds, to me, I feel like I can be more expressive in those spaces. It's easier to make the guitar speak in a mix, and in a band or ensemble situation. Some of those big, heavy, ripping sounds are really good when you're on your own, but when you're starting to play with a really driving rock band, some of that stuff can get lost. Anyway, it's just more of a broader look on how you can use guitar. I was talking to some producer about some big metal guitar player from the '80s and he said that the only thing he uses is a Gibson and a Marshall, and that's it; there's no variation. It's always set the same way because that's his favourite tone and that's it. Everything else has to work around that. And to me that's so... that's it. That's boring; I come from the opposite end of the thing (laughs)."

PS: As an extra treat, here's Joe on some past classics.

Draw The Line (1977)
"I think the production was a little... it's kind of sloppy and murky, just because of the times. We were going through kind of a... not laid-back, but wallowing. I think we were waiting for the next thing to hit us. It was disjointed. I just remember making that record in kind of a fog. But there are some really cool riffs on it. I think there are couple of songs that are 90% there, and if we had made a couple little changes, it would have brought it up to the level that it should have been. But again, because of the times... it took too long, and we were under pressure to put it out, and I think it might have been a better record if it had been remixed. Maybe if we did a couple other songs for it..."

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