WAYSTED In UFO - Pete Way Speaks On Both!
by Martin Popoff

The return of the illustrious WAYSTED is at hand, Waysted being the snarling, rock 'n' rollsy alter-ego of UFO bassist Pete Way, in conjunction with UFO guitarist Paul Chapman and quite notably, a classic rough-shod vocalist called Fin.

English guitarist and solo artist Robin George was the last to touch the album, having mixed, and now it's out (on Majestic), called Back From The Dead. "It was going to be called Greetings From The OK Corral," sez Pete, "but for different reasons, we settled on Back From The Dead. The stuff on the back cover will explain it all. Musically, it's very, very close to sort of Appetite For Destruction, that type of thing. It's got all sorts of people in the sound, from Guns N' Roses to Bruce Springsteen. There is some amazing guitar. Fin is sounding really good."

The Japanese version of the album includes covers of two UFO tracks 'No Place To Run' and 'The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent'. Pete says of the latter, "the way I reworked it, I made it kind of more aggressive. I mean, it's quite aggressive anyway but I got rid of all the orchestra and turned it into a hard rock song. It's much more AC/DC than, I don't know, soft rock (laughs)."

In related news, UFO will be recording a DVD, live from Germany, with Pete back into the fold, back, 'cos for the stateside tour, he had to be replaced by Barry Sparks due to visa problems. "Yes, I think we're doing a UFO DVD, with me back in the band, instead of being public enemy #1. We're doing European dates for UFO, which I can't wait to do. You know, Waysted I love, because it's my rock 'n' roll thing. But I love working with Phil and the boys."

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