WAYSTED In UFO - Pete Way Speaks On Both! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Look for an adventurous set-list for this live spread. "Yeah, we're thinking of doing as many obscurities as possible, things that people won't get to see normally onstage. So we're going to make it a really interesting one for people who like UFO. It would be like 'Ooh, I'm so pleased they did that song on it.'"

After telling Pete I wouldn't care if I never heard 'Doctor Doctor' ever again, he answers, "I know what you mean (laughs). I'll tell you what though. You do festivals and stuff, which we were doing in Europe, and let me assure you, you play 'Doctor Doctor' and suddenly the whole festival... you've got 40,000 people jumping up and down going 'Doctor, doctor, please!' You know, I'm not saying that it's something we save to make our performance go down well. But you've got the other side of the coin where, unless we do it, people go, 'They didn't play Doctor Doctor.'"

All of this is in support of the band's new album amusingly called You Are Here (see www.ufo-music.info for more). "I think Vinnie (Moore - guitars) came up with that title," notes Pete, in closing, "but I'm not sure. It's just one of those things where you don't have a title and you're just sitting around, and Vinnie came back in to do some guitar and said 'What about You Are Here?' There was just something about it. It's simple but effective. I'll tell you what though, what is bizarre for me, is that I'm not there! (laughs)."