PHARAOH - Alchemical Heaviness Blended Traditionally To Perfection! Page 5
by Martin Popoff

Asked about what he's learned about the business end of the music business, Tim sez, "There's a saying I learned from a record company president. 'In this business, if you want to succeed, it's not a question of whether or not you're going to get screwed; it's a question of how screwed you will allow yourself to be in order to get what you want.' What I want is more than most people are willing to be screwed for, so I'll stick with a band even though the investment vastly outweighs the return, just because there's a probability of something I want waiting for me in some facet of the industry as long as I'm visible. Make me invisible or uninvolved or uniformed in the business or production and you no longer have my allegiance. Fair enough. As far as club owners go, very few are honest, one in a million is fair, and if you're lucky you may even meet one who helps your career. I was very lucky that in Pittsburgh, there were several club owners and promoters who took interest in my talent and helped me and my bands to become successful."

In closing, Tim reveals that the band is "gearing up to start the writing process again for the new record. Chris K sent me the first project file a couple weeks ago. I'm about halfway through the production of my wife's album, which features Annihilator drummer Robert Falzano and Death bassist Kelly Conlon and we're still debating on who will sing. We've asked George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse and Sam Molina of Monstrosity, and there's an unknown guy as well. They all have the right sound for this record, so now it's only a matter of who has the time. I was asked to take part in a classic '80s-style American metal supergroup with Lou St. Paul of Winter's Bane, Robert Falzano, and James McDonough of Iced Earth. That will be happening in the fall from what I've been told."

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