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by Martin Popoff

Any vocals on it?

"No, although what is interesting is that when I was working with Zakk, one of the songs I had him play on was a ballad and he really dug it and he said, 'would you mind if I recorded just a couple of scratch vocals?', and I said sure, so he started singing on it, and the way it turned out, it really sounded awesome and it became a complete song. But it sounds so Zakk Wylde; it really doesn't belong on my album, it should be on his album. So I wouldn't be surprised if that song is on his next Black Label Society album, and he would just take the tracks that I had already done - with Simon, me and Tony Franklin - because it sounds awesome with his guitar and his voice. So I've just got to write a couple more songs with Zakk, because the stuff I had him play on before was stuff I'd already written. So it would be a pleasure to get in and actually start writing with him that way."

And perhaps a few word on the current Planet X album versus the debut?

"The main difference this time is the addition of Tony MacAlpine. We hooked up with Tony right around the time when my first solo album was released and we made Planet X a full band. He contributed quite a bit with respect to songwriting and he has a really strong sonic presence. So I'd say the album is a lot more guitar-driven. Recording-wise, I recently just got a new Pro Tools studio, full-scale, fully loaded, which I didn't have on the first album. So this was the first time I recorded in The Leopard Room, in Hollywood Hills, which is my own studio. And if any studio people are reading this, you can check it out at" (ed. note: the official Planet X site is

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