POISON - It Must Be Summer...
By Martin Popoff

Here it comes again... the seasonal circus that is the Poison tour, Bret, C.C., Bobby and Rikki returning to technicolour stages, reviving the phenom that was last year's best summer party, now with Warrant, Quiet Riot and Enuff Znuff in tow. No new record, but who cares? You're out for something to believe in, as well as capturing a rare glimpse of one of the '80s most under-rated bands Enuff Znuff.

Poison guitarist C.C. Deville is particularly pleased about that happenstance. "Enuff Znuff is my favorite band. Without a doubt, Enuff Znuff, if I had to pick one great singer, I think Donnie Vie probably has the greatest pop voice of all time. His phrasing is like John Lennon but he also has a certain McCartney-like melody sense. And I know it sounds absurd for me to compare him to both of them, but to a certain extent, he is great. Especially the first three albums, they were absolutely fantastic! Honestly, just fantastic! And I think not since Jellyfish has a band captured that sound. I think they're amazing and they happen to be one of my favorite bands."

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