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By Martin Popoff

Folks are still scratching their heads at the considerable appeal of Poison and a tour package like this, C.C. included. "You know, I keep asking myself what it is, and it's amazing. I really don't know. In other words, I knew it was good in its day and stuff and there was a demand for it. But nowadays, ten years after the fact, it's amazing. It really is amazing. I think it's because the band really loves to play. And even though it seemed like we were probably prefabricated when we came out, I think only time will tell if that's really what we were. And as odd as it sounds, that's really what we were. All of that make-up and all that stuff is really what the band was. And I think that's what happens if you sometimes go through the motions doing it, sometimes you really do it. That's the difference between us and a lot of other bands. I think we really, really believed in what we were doing. And without the negative connotation of, 'oh, there's no substance.' Well, we always thought there was substance. It was just a different type of thing. And I think the fans, honestly, it comes down to the fans. The fans that like Poison really had this allegiance to the band which was really forged in some kind of like, cement. They had to test their love in the beginning because if you did like Poison, there was an equal amount of people that would be sure to point out the shortcomings of Poison. So if you did like the band, you really had to be well-versed in defending yourself. So that is why we have this allegiance of the fans years later. Because I think 10 years later, what we're doing is less novelty... you know, as you grow up ten years, you start to see the sense of humour in it, you start to see the lightness in it, you start to see the social value, if you will (laughs) of a man looking like a woman. It's either intentional or it's just that we're a product of the times. I'm not sure what it is. I know that the songs really hit home and we're always trying to keep the same genre of bands on the bill so people can actually have a little snapshot of the past."

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