POISON - It Must Be Summer... Page 4
By Martin Popoff

Poison have one lone new song called 'Rock Star' which C.C. says "just might be released to radio and that's it." Otherwise, there's a massive Greatest Hits DVD in June and then, well, "we're probably going to start writing on the road," sez C.C., "which is really where we work the best. At soundchecks were going to be coming up with stuff. And this is going to seriously be the first time in a long time where we sit down and do a real record. We'll start writing it on the road and we'll be recording it when we get home. This will be our real, no bullshit record that measures up to all our previous records."

Oh yes, and we can't leave you without a grooming tip from C.C., a pointer offered for survival on the road. "Wash your hands a lot. If you want to not be sick, when you are done with the meet and greet, wash your hands. You shake 50 million people's hands and you go and have something to eat and you wonder why you're sick the next day. So it's important to wash your hands. Don't isolate yourself from people. Any time you are meeting a lot of people it's always good to wash your hands."