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By Martin Popoff

Highlights, we got highlights. "I really like the remake of the Who song we did, Squeeze Box. I've always liked that song, and I think the version we did was really neat and interesting, a heavy version. I thought we took the song and made it sound like us. And I like the title track Hollyweird. I just love the riff in that song. It's a really thick rock 'n' roll sound. And I really like CC's song, The Emperor's Clothes. It's a heavy pop type song for us. Probably the most nonconformist song would be Ho-Down. Actually, that was the working title for it. What did it come out as? Oh yes, Stupid, Stoned & Dumb, it ended up being called (laughs). That song is almost very Rocky Horror, unlike anything I can think of that we've done in the past."

I asked Bobby if the writing arrangement had changed over the years. "I don't know if anything has changed. It's almost like it's changed back. It's almost like the first three records, the same four guys going into a room arguing for a few months and making a record. That's basically the whole process with Poison. And I mean arguing in a very healthy sense, like brothers. The hardest part of doing anything with our band is putting all four of us together. Once you do that, the ideals and what we do just oozes out of us. If the four of us can get our heads out of our asses and say let's get together at such and such a time and place, everything else is magic; it just comes together. That's the hardest part, just getting all of us to agree and go to the same city at the same time. And basically when we make records, sometimes we take more time and sometimes it's less. But basically with this one, I went out to Los Angeles - those three guys are in Los Angeles, I'm in Florida - and we spent approximately a month in the rehearsal studio, five or six days a week. We go down there and spend six, eight hours a day hanging out, and sometimes we spit out two or three songs and other days we run out and get coffee and go to strip clubs (laughs)."

Looking back at rock history, not sharing song credits has obviously caused problems in bands (Kiss, Yes, BTO and Deep Purple... geez, guys!). Has completely sharing the song credits caused you guys any different sorts of problems over time?

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