POISON - Ring Around The Rosebowls Page 5
By Martin Popoff

Finally I wondered aloud if part of Poison's touring success 15 years after the peak of hair has to do with the fact that they kept the show looming large and well-lit, essentially, not letting anybody who didn't need to know, that perhaps Poison weren't the kings of perfume pop anymore.

"Absolutely," laughs Bobby. "Because back in the day, we always put all the money back into the show and just went out there and had a great touring event. That's how we've always toured, the party atmosphere, and it's the same thing since we started again back in '99. A more realistic approach would have been, let's go out and do some theaters and get a vibe for everything. And you know, we simply said no, we're not interested in that. Give us 30 amphitheaters, and I'll put a show together! (laughs). And SFX and House Of Blues came through and gave us the 30 shows, and the rest is history..."