Poison: A New Coat Of Neon Page 4
by Martin Popoff

How's the Cyanide thing working out? "It only made sense to do this at this particular point in time. And we did hook up good distribution. If you are a band trying to break, that's a very difficult thing to do. But the fact is, distributors and large outlets know the Poison name. It made sense. It's more work, but we're more in control of it. I don't have to answer to anybody except the rest of this band really. And that's nice. At this point in our career we're doing it because we want to do it. I think we've learned enough that with some guidance we can do this on our own. We aren't too ego'ed to the point that we think we can run our own label without any help, but at the same time we've learned enough to know what isn't right. And you know, unless a major label is going to write an extremely large check, it doesn't make sense. If they throw a lot of money at us they're going to want to make their money back so they will work the album. We've got some pretty nice offers and who knows, maybe they will come back at us."

Flip open the new album and you'll see "Power To The People is dedicated to all our fans, friends and family - the people who truly hold the ultimate power! A very special thanks to the Poison haters. Without Poison, you'd have to hate yourself. Glad we could help. Thanks."

Has it really been that bad? "If you give anybody even an inch, they're going to reach in there and grab and turn the whole thing around. We've never been industry darlings. In fact, we've never been darlings of anybody. And this is the honest to God truth. That's why this record is called Power To The People. Because if it wasn't for the fans, we wouldn't have absolutely anything at all because we aren't being pushed by absolutely anybody in the industry. We are not liked, we never have been liked. And it's actually cool. At this point I am so over it that I actually think that it has worked to our benefit at this point. Because at one point we just went, 'you know what, I don't care anymore'. It's almost exciting that the industry doesn't like us because the industry is so constantly evolving. Where would they really be for us anyway a year from now?"

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