CHRIS POLAND - Ohm:-Mega-Man & The Hawkwind Polcats Page 2
by Martin Popoff

And the title? Band name? Album name? "I have no idea. I'm pretty sure it's Hawkwind. I don't know what they're going to call it, and I don't know what it's going to sound like, because basically Adam kind of told me... he said, 'I notice that you always go into a repeated melody or whatever, and you have a defined theme. If you can just keep doing that, then we can have a sax player kind of repeat that, and we'll just go from there.' And I was like, cool. So that was our plan. It's too bad. I mean, I guess Lemmy Kilmister used to be in the band, but I doubt he's going to have anything to do with it. But maybe he will; I don't know. But it was just a pleasure to do. Because as far as off-the-cuff jamming and shit... I love doing that stuff, man."

"Just go to," offers Chris, adding, in closing, a summary. "We're getting ready to mix the album. We're done with recording. We just did the Hawkwind project, and I'm going to be doing some shows in Chicago. I'm going to be playing the Elastic Festival in March. June I'm playing with Frank Catalano, a sax player from Chicago, and we have our project called Polcat. And Frank is an amazing sax player. He's played with Miles, played with BEYONCE, RANDY BRECKER. I mean, when he was 18, he played with Randy Brecker, and Randy Becker just decided that he's going to be called The Kid, because he was so young, and he could play like... back then he could play like MICHAEL BRECKER, and now he's just like effortless. It's hard to play with him because he's a stickler jazz guy, and I'm just who I am, and what I do, and I'm faking it most of the time (laughs)."

If this is all a little bewildering for fans of Chris in Megadeth, Poland understands... "Yeah, well, I just want to say, any Megadeth fan who reads this, obviously, you guys are the best fans in the world, and I appreciate it. You know, every time I see a Megadeth fan and how excited they get sometimes it's... the stuff I'm playing now, sometimes it's an albatross-guys who are serious guys, they just go, 'He's a metal guy.' But the thing was, I was never a metal guy (laughs). That's the funny thing about it."