Primal Fear - Third Degree Burns
by Martin Popoff

In two weeks time, power metal's ascendant kings kick off 2001 with their third crunching traditional rockfest, a gleaming, steaming, spitting conflagration called Nuclear Fire. A German supergroup that has become one of the beloved entities of the genre, Primal Fear is fired by Sinner's Mat Sinner (the band Sinner is pretty much shelved for the conceivable future), ex Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers, guitarists Henne Wolter and Stefan Leibing, and drummer Klaus Sperling. With Nuclear Fire, Primal Fear are set to do very well thanks, especially come tour time which begins in February.

Bassist Mat Sinner states emphatically that the stage is the place people really find themselves won over by the band. "The biggest positive factor is that the band on stage can reproduce the albums very, very well," states Sinner. "I think this is very important, why we are so successful over here in Europe. If you love Primal Fear on the album, in concert you will feel the energy and see the energy. And this I think is why we are doing well here in Germany or for example Japan or South America. And the people, they really enjoy this. I think the guitar work is outstanding and I also think that Ralf is one of the greatest metal singers in the world."

Do you keep this idea of being able to do the material live in mind when you put the album together?

"No, definitely not. First we have to satisfy ourselves totally with an album and then we have to satisfy all our fans who supported us during the last few years so much. And then for the third thing, there are some journalists out there who we hope love this album and write good things about this album so we can get more fans (laughs). But this is the last thing we think about. And then when the album is ready, we go into the practice room and work very, very hard on the songs so we can reproduce them on stage. And as far as I've heard during the last couple of practices with the band, I think we'll be able to play the album live very, very well."

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