PRIMAL FEAR - Signed, Sealed and Diabolus! Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"Definitely it's Diabolus," points out Ralf, asked to name the most ambitious track on the album. "It's the longest track also, and there are a lot of things going on, like epical, bombastic stuff, good melodies. People are surprised when they listen to it (laughs)." Indeed they are - Diabolus is a classic of huge, quality-mad proportions, as is the incendiary title track, on which the band's increased use of string samples is put to the test. Depth is the name of the game this time out.

"Even the basics are thicker now," muses Scheepers on the overall sound. "Everything starts from recording - I mean, Charlie Bauerfiend, he did a hell of a job, just by recording already. And if you have good signals on tape, on the hard disk, you can of course work better within the mix. And that's what happened this time. Charlie recorded a drum sound, which, for example, I've never heard before. We don't use any samples now in the studio, and this is just amazing. Nowadays you use samples, and we came with a drum sound with no samples, and we're very proud of that; it's amazing and it's kicking ass."

And I understand there is some use of down-tuning?

"Yes, exactly, first time we tried it out, how it works. Of course it's better for the sound, for the guitar sound and bass sound, and so on. I don't know for sure... For me it was a totally new experience, to think about the tuned-down songs, because, how can I explain... usually I switch earlier into my head voice, into my pressed head voice, and this time I used more of my diaphragm-pressed voice, which is pretty hard to explain for a non-vocalist (laughs). But I had to press a little bit more because it was lower? The higher notes, I used to sing with my head voice. Now I sing them with my pressed voice. But there is a lot of stuff on it that is still filled with screams and so on, which is somehow a trademark of Primal Fear as well (laughs).The down-tuning is just one song - Carniwar. We are turning down two tones, actually."

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