PRIMAL FEAR - Signed, Sealed and Diabolus! Page 5
by Martin Popoff

And to clarify, this is the first time on a Primal Fear album?

"Yeah, it is. Sinner used it before, but we're trying it now. But Sinner only used it on several songs, not every song, and this is the first time for Primal Fear."

All told, Primal Fear most definitely loved Vancouver. In addition to catching Jackalope, Lenny Kravitz and Strapping Young Lad live - all in the same day - they went on a (successful) whale-watching expedition to Victoria, flying back by seaplane.

So is anybody going to move to Vancouver?

"Oh, I would love to, man," sighs Scheepers. "But to bring my whole family would be impossible. But I really like the life here. It's not only cheaper than in Germany, but all you can get there... you can surf and ski and boat and sail all in one day; it's outstanding."

But you know, Ralf, that's it actually the most expensive town in all of Canada...

"Yeah, that's what Randy told me (ed. Randy Black, Primal Fear's drummer is a Vancouverite, although he's lived in Berlin for the past seven years). Vancouver is the most expensive town in Canada. But all of this is very cheap compared to Germany. But you also have to compare whether someone earns more. You somehow have to see it in relation. If you can earn more in Germany, you can afford more. And if you earn less here, you cannot afford as much."

Check out and while you're at it, check your day timer - Ralf is talking about a North American tour come early in the new year.