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by Martin Popoff

It's no surprise that Nuclear Fire follows very closely the exacting chrome steel rulebook to which its predecessors adhered. Power metal is about quality and certain qualities and certainty. In that context, adjustments are minimal, almost abstract. Turns out the main change this time around was in the methodology or planning.

"We spent more time during pre-production, writing songs," offers Mat. "And we learned from Jaws Of Death one year later, what we missed with that record. We have a real ballad this time, as well as more fast songs. We were much more prepared this time for production because we did a very long and intensive pre-production, which helped a lot in the studio. We were very well prepared. Everybody knew about each point in the production and what they were supposed to do as a musician. We worked very seriously on the material and we were in the studio for five weeks or maybe a little more."

Anything innovative you did on the technology front?

"Yes, last time we had a vision to do the whole album on analog tape because we thought we could get the whole thing a little warmer, even a little more metal. We went to Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida and we spent a lot of money in being there and producing there. And we thought in the end it wasn't really that worth it for a German band. The German mark against the American dollar is so high right now that we decided to stay in Germany this time. The new album was produced 100 percent digital and the results satisfied everybody in the band."

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