PRIMAL FEAR's Ralf Scheepers - "We Can Definitely Say That We As A Band Love To Play Live"
by Martin Popoff

German true metallers PRIMAL FEAR recently completed work on a brand new live DVD named 16.6 - All Over The World recorded in various locations between September and November 2009 and on a live CD aptly titled Live In The USA. Frontiers Records will release the two products separately and in a limited edition combo version on June 2nd in Europe and June 22nd in North America.

Bassist Mat Sinner recently gave HardRadio the goods on the live DVD and CD releases: "The DVD is about three hours long; it has a lot of bonus material, a bootleg section as we did on the first DVD, many funny things, and also bootleg recordings from all the countries we were playing. There's backstage stuff, and we have the latest video clips in another section, as well ase a chapter with a 'Making of' the last album, in the studio, which might be interesting for the fans, what goes on in the studio. As for the concert, the DVD is from Switzerland and including parts of the show at the ProgPower Festival last year, and the CD is complete from the ProgPower Festival. As for the crowds, I don't think a Primal Fear show is very different audience-wise around the world. I've heard a lot of colleagues over the years say, 'Oh, the people in South America are crazy.' On our DVD, if you watch the bootleg section, the people in Japan are going crazy, people in South America go crazy, Europe goes crazy, and the last tour in Canada, there were audiences that went really wild and loud, so there's not a lot of difference."

Adds vocalist Ralf Scheepers, "We actually had a lot of footage shot last year, and through the tours and gigs we had, somebody always had a camera (laughs). It's not only interesting for a private person or musician, it's very interesting for the fans in the end. So we shot some scenes here or there and got it on DVD. There's a special teaser and stuff, and it really turned out great."

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