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by Martin Popoff

Did anybody do more or less on the album?

"No, but it was the first time that our new guitarist Henne - well, he's actually been in the band for over a year now - but this was his first album with Primal Fear and he was involved in a lot of the songwriting. I wrote a lot of things with him for the new album so that was a new factor. And of course Stefan, the other guitarist, who was a little in the shadow of Tom Naumann, stepped out and played some fabulous guitars on the new album. And Ralf was so well prepared for his vocals that it was really great to work with him this time in the studio. So we learned that it makes a lot of sense to prepare the songs in advance."

And there were a lot of songs, notes Sinner. "Every song on this album was a little bit different (laughs). Everybody was involved in the songwriting in some way. And we started this as I finished the Sinner album, the last one, The End Of Sanctuary. I started with 'Angel In Black' and 'Eye Of An Eagle'; those were the first two songs I wrote for the new album and everybody in the band was really excited about them, and then we sat down and talked about we need, what we want to have different from Jaws Of Death and then we wrote about 25 songs. We skipped five so we had 20 that we recorded on hard disk in the practice room and then we did a really big pre-production of 20 songs. And then we went a step ahead and skipped another seven songs and then we went into the studio with 13 songs and we recorded those songs."

With respect to bonus tracks, it seems the band's cover of 'Out In The Fields' from Gary Moore and Phil Lynott, recorded for a forthcoming tribute album, is the only sure bet, as the bonus track on the Japanese release of the album. It is Mat's first lead vocal for Primal Fear, and is actually a co-lead with Ralf, given that the original was a duet. This track may still see release as a single in Europe. Plus there's the odd situation with 'Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove'. Sinner had this to say when asked why it is marked as a bonus track on the advance promo of the album.

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