Primal Fear - Third Degree Burns Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"Because it was a little different from the other tracks. We really thought about it. It's a little bit too melodic for Primal Fear but in the end, I think it worked out fine. A lot of people told us that it sounded great and that it would be a shame not to release it. So we said OK, on the first pressings of the album, the first edition, maybe 50,000, that song will be on there, and then we'll see. This song is a little bit of a different track but the reaction was so smashing, that we really don't know what to do (laughs) with the next 50,000 and up. It may stay on there. But it was surprising everybody that most people really loved that song."

The band's first leg of touring sees them paired with another hot act from the same Nuclear Blast stable, Children Of Bodom.

"Yes, it starts on February 8th in Hamburg, Germany. It will be ten European countries and we'll set up a huge show. This tour will be very important for us. It will be the biggest venues we've ever played in. We've got a great support band who are a little different. But I think it makes great sense for us and the whole heavy metal scene to have a band like Children Of Bodom because they're good guys, they're young guys, they're fresh, and I think it will be a great combination for the people. It will be very interesting to see these two bands in one concert I think. But we're really looking forward to the release of the album and what happens in the charts with us. First there is that tour and then South America and then some more European dates including some festivals that are already booked, and there are also some rumors about having some shows in Canada and America. I think the Primal Fear live shows will speak for themselves. If anybody has seen the shows and seen the energy, you know that this band is on a great level and that it is different from all German bands for example. And if you think Primal Fear is a low budget thing or something, you will really see that this is the real deal here."