QUEENSRYCHE - Operation LiveTime Page 2
by Martin Popoff

But the band had to be ready; the timing had to be right...

"It's been kind of on the back burner for so many years; so many fans have been asking about it. When are you guys going to do a sequel? And it's like, you know, we're not really in that mode right now. We're trying to create music and do what we do, at what ever given time it is. But we just felt that, you know what, maybe it is time. I mean, it's interesting, because there are still fans reaching for certain answers from the first one. And you're like, gosh, should we even bother?! But a lot of fans are interested."

"In a nutshell, it's got its moments," adds Eddie, in summary. "There are going to be some songs that might have a certain feel of what the first one was about. But we're trying to really create an epic here. Because it could be just the final chapter of this story that Geoff put together. We're going to try incorporate some orchestration, more so than before. There are bits and pieces of the first one. I think what we're trying to do is create this not so much sonically, but visually, and just take it from there. Like I was saying before though, it's going to be a challenge. But we're pretty much done with the writing, and we're just trying to put everything together and start recording. We've got the drums and we're going to be recording bass. I hate to be so vague about it (laughs)."

Have you had a meeting and said, 'We don't want to say too much'?

"Kind of. We never really have done this, or been in this position before. Because whatever we were releasing, we would give people a heads up on what it's about. But because this one is special to us, and hopefully to some of the fans out there, we're just trying to keep it low key."

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