QUEENSRYCHE - Operation LiveTime Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Low key but certainly not completely - Queensryche's set on the Priest tour includes Mindcrime II track 'I'm American', which is a fast, heavy, fairly technical and catchy tune with an interesting vocal hook and a proggy section - it's unarguably a solid first step toward rendering the record well-received.

Closing thoughts drift toward Queensryche's tour mates Judas Priest...

"We're just kind of getting started with these guys," notes Eddie. "It's been like a week; it takes a good week or two until you feel each other out and get to know each other. But the thing is, since we're the ones that are opening, we've got to give them their space. But yeah, we talk to them, and we chat to them, whether it's over lunch or dinner. It's funny though - Priest were a big influence. With the original lineup, way back when Chris (DeGarmo - guitars) was with us, we were opening this one show, a local club show, way back in '82, '83, with 'Dissident Aggressor'. And Geoff said, 'Wouldn't that be crazy to walk out there and just play 'Dissident Aggressor'? And we're like, 'Yeah, let's do it!' But no, you don't want to steal their thunder - it's their show (laughs)."