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By Martin Popoff

2. Live Evolution.
"We had said, let's put some chronological detail to it. The song selection is a combination of known live killers that work well as well as some adventurous renditions from songs from the early days (laughs). The one that really surprised me was 'London', because we just pulled that out of our hat. I'm sitting there trying to show Kelly the double solo in the song and it was just kind of a strange thing. And I think the rendition of 'Roads To Madness' was pretty cool. But my favourite part of the disk is probably the EP/Warning Suite, just because it's not so rehearsed, you know what I mean? It hasn't been played to death (laughs). But yeah, our idea was to arrange them in suites so the listener can reminisce with whatever era they like, their favorite Queensryche time."

3. The next Queensryche studio album.
"To tell you the truth, I don't know. We are at a point in our career where we really can't plan anything now. Personally, my whole career, I've been a riff person. I come up with the riffs and they either work or they don't and that's where they start. But I can't just write the songs... maybe I can, I don't know. If Geoff told you it's going to be metal (ed. he did), well, that's right up my alley. I like to hear that. I like the more aggressive style. After we do this tour, maybe we can start concentrating on that. I have to start compiling all these riffs and turn them into something that Geoff can listen to. But it's a band and everybody is pulling in different directions. Sometimes my stuff will get in there, and it will be simple and heavy. Sometimes we tend to get a little bit too clever for ourselves and then it loses the essence."

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