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By Martin Popoff

"Right now the band has to be in a room, with technology and computers and stuff and say 'Who's got an idea? Let's listen to it, OK, let's record it, boom! Hey I can add something to that, boom!' It's a crazy building process and it's a different way of writing. It's quicker but you tend to get so many ideas that you kind of lose track of what you're doing (laughs). You go back at the end of the day and listen to it and you go 'what the hell is that!?'"

4. The Michael Wilton solo album.
"I am the riffmaster! That's what I do. I'm doing a solo project and I'm pulling together all my riffs with all my friends, and the people who are into what I'm doing, are really going to dig it." Doug Pinnick from King's X? "Yeah! If he's ever around. He's very busy. I've called him a couple times and he goes 'yeah, Michael, I want to get up to Seattle and I want to sing on your record.' The guy is busy. He's doing recording after recording. He's down in Houston. I've got to call him. So maybe he'll be on my record, unless I get somebody else to do what I'm doing and start fresh with him. I've got the beds for eight songs right now. At first I was going to do kind of an extended EP, maybe six songs, then we had the whole deal with the record company. I'm just trying to work out the logistics. If you go to www.michaelwilton.com, there's a wave you can listen to; it's called 'Arizona'."