QUIET RIOT - "No loops, no samples, not a speck of cereal!"
By Martin Popoff

Quiet Riot releases their new album Guilty Pleasures on May 29th through Bodyguard Records, six days before they jump on the big Poison Glam Slam Metal Jam tour. A few song titles include 'Rock The House', 'Vicious Circle' and 'Feel The Pain' with 'Moroccan Nights' and 'All Fall Down' slated to be used as bonus tracks in various territories.

Drummer Frankie Banali gave Hardradio the following update: "The best way I could describe it is that it's the best record we've done since Metal Health, for a couple of reasons. Number one, it's the first one we've done where everybody in the band had a hand in writing all the songs to varying degrees. There are no outside backup singers, and no outside musicians; everything was done in-house. But more importantly than that, we actually took time to write the songs rather than get off the road after a year of touring and being burnt out and then going into the studio right away and recording. We also recorded it a little differently, because we tour all year long. We do an average of about 220 shows a year. I do all the business for the band, so after negotiating this record as well as the last one, on this one what we did is I set up a schedule where we toured for three weeks, came home for one week, went into the studio and did half the record during that period of time, and then went out another three weeks, came back, did the back half of the record, went out again and did another three weeks and then came back in. We mixed and mastered on the third week when we were doing it, so we actually took 14 days to do the record. And when I say 14 days, it wasn't 14 days because we were rushed, but we were well-rehearsed and we just got down to business."

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