QUIET RIOT - "No loops, no samples, not a speck of cereal!" Page 2
By Martin Popoff

"And for the first time on a Quiet Riot record there are two love ballads," laughs Frankie, "which is unusual for Quiet Riot. But I think there has been enough bad girl experience with some members of the band that it made it possible to actually write a love ballad from truth, you know (laughs)."

And how about a little description of the band's sound in 2001?

"For one thing, Quiet Riot has never really tried to reinvent itself and go with any of the particular trends. For a couple of reasons; one, I don't think we're capable of going that route and two, I don't think it would be believable. We avoided jumping on the grunge and alternative trend so on and so forth. However, having said that, it is different in that there are different vocal stylings for Kevin. Some stuff that I've heard him sing before, but not on record, I said to him, 'why don't you try and do some of this stuff on record?' which he did and it turned out terrific. And we tried some different effects but I'm not talking about trying to effect it all out with huge bombast or anything like that from the '80s (laughs). But it's a Quiet Riot record any way you look at it. If you don't like that style of music, I'm not entirely sure you'll like it. If you like that stuff, I think you will, especially with the caliber of the songwriting on this, which has surpassed even my expectations. And there are no covers, no outside writers, known or unknown. There are no click tracks, no loops, no samples, not a speck of cereal (laughs)."