BRIAN ROBERTSON - Legendary Guitarist Cooking Up Long-Awaited Solo Album
by Martin Popoff

"Well, for starters, it's not a return," laughs Brian "Robbo" Robertson, classic rock guitarist for the ages, he of Thin Lizzy and Motorhead fame (and not a small bit of infamy). "I haven't stopped working the whole time. I don't know if Soren (Lindberg - partner in many ventures) filled you in on anything, but Soren and me are like well, family, really. We have a lot of businesses together as well, and we just have our new record company, Catapult Music Group (, which we started about six months ago, back in Stockholm. So I've been doing plenty of things, working with different people. So it's not a return, basically, it's just that we decided to put out a solo album. So that's what we're up to at the moment."

Well, one could excuse the faux-pas, 'cos in rock consciousness, man, we haven't heard much from Robbo since Motorhead's incendiary Another Perfect Day, a record pretty much decided upon here at the BW&BK offices as the best that band's ever done - and the only one featuring Robbo!

But Brian's new work is far from the hard-charging days of yore... "Well, it's more like blues rock, with... there are a couple of songs by Frankie Miller, old stuff. I find all these old tapes, and I give them to Soren, and I didn't even listen to them. But he kept phoning up and saying, 'Oh man, these are great; these are great songs!' And that's what made me sort of go, oh well, let's re-record them properly. They're all just like demos with drum machines and stuff like that. But there is so much material there, so we decided to go ahead and do it in Stockholm. So basically what we're doing is, doing it in small sessions, and I keep the same musicians because I like the guys I've got right now, just to keep some continuity, you know? So we're doing it at Polar Studios, which is Abba's old place, and of course, it's a brilliant studio and the guys who work there are really cool. And we do three or four days at a time, put down three or four backing tracks a day, and then do some overdubs, whatever, so we're up to nine tracks at the moment, and just waiting to go back up there and do some more. Well actually, I'm going back on Sunday because we've got an American guy coming over who we just signed up, and we've got to put a little band together for him to do a showcase for Sony and whatnot. So... busy, busy (laughs)."

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