BRIAN ROBERTSON - Thin Lizzy Guitarist Launches Long-Awaited Solo Debut
by Martin Popoff

THIN LIZZY and MOTORHEAD legend BRIAN ROBERTSON has happily existed out of the spotlight for eons now, preferring life as bluesy axe partier for pub rocker FRANKIE MILLER, a life experience, it seems, that has informed his long-awaited first solo album Diamonds And Dirt, importantly issued on SPV.

And what's cool about this record is that it's anything but the expected, Brian rolling down a train track somewhat traveled by BRIAN HOWE-era BAD COMPANY, touched and torched by the magic of early WHITESNAKE.

Indeed the main nods to Lizzy (and there are none to Motorhead!) come not through tones or twin leads, but in remakes of obscure heavy Nightlife track 'It's Only Money' and TWO re-configurations of Jailbreak's 'Running Back'.

Anyway, none of this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Robbo's best bud Soren Lindberg, who has dedicated himself to getting Brian back on his feet and writing and recording again.

"It was basically an album that's sort of a personal thing really, between me and Soren," explains Robertson, down the line from Sweden. "We had all these tracks that I have found over the years, or he did (laughs). It was him that decided that maybe we should do an album. But we only did it for ourselves, really; we had no intentions of it going quite the way it's gone. We didn't think there would be this much interest in it, to be honest. So it's kind of a personal journey. Also, I feel I'm probably playing better now than I ever have done. And happier with my playing. And I kind of wanted to, after spending about ten or 15 years with Frankie Miller. I loved playing live with him; it was such great fun. I kind of wanted to take that spirit into it, hence the lineup."

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