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by Martin Popoff

And why this title, Diamonds And Dirt?

"Well, it's kind of a comment on women," laughs Robbo. You know, it's very much a song for me where IÉ I changed the lyrics around and transposed it for guitar, and heavied it up a bit, because like I said, the demos were pretty much done on keyboards. It's about women, you know, how you meet somebody and in their eyes there's diamonds, and she's great, and then after a few months, it's like (laughs), they turn on you, and in her heart, there's dirt, right? And as I've said before in a couple of other interviews, it applies to men as well. So I'm not being heavy on the women too much (laughs). But to me, it's about specific women."

As it turns out, Brian's been wanting to get down to a solo album since as far back as 1975É "Yeah, although I had a different idea at that time. I basically wanted to do a whole album of me just playing all the instruments (Brian plays drums as well as keyboards and guitar). It's just something that was stuck in my head at the time. But obviously, with Lizzy, you didn't get time to do that. Because the minute you finished recording you were straight back out on the road. So there was no time to get into all that. It would be a lot easier for me to do it now and do all the instruments, because you've got your computers and everything else now, so you can make sure that everything is in time and whatnot. But you know, having worked with the new band, I don't see the point, when you've gotÉ I mean, maybe it's a project for the future when I'm about 110 years old, I don't know. But for this band now, I just love the way they play - they inspired me a lot."

And what should we make of the strange inclusion of two versions of 'Running Back', one blues and one party boogie woogie?

"'It's Only Money' was the only Lizzy one, up until Soren and I sort of had a little discussion, and we were probably pissed one night and thought it would be a good if I had a bash at 'Running Back', because it was done badly, in my opinion. I mean, we even changed the timing of it. Because on the original it's a shuffle, and we've gone to 4/4. And the reason we did the slow version as well is simply because we were just arsing about in the rehearsal studio, and we played it. I suggested we do a LITTLE FEAT-type version of it, just for a laugh. And we had such good fun with it, and everybody enjoyed it, so we thought, why not just record it and see what happens? And we decided to throw it in because it's kind of a weird one to do two versions of one song, completely different versions, on the one record."

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