BRIAN ROBERTSON - Thin Lizzy Guitarist Launches Long-Awaited Solo Debut Page 4
by Martin Poppoff

"You can't really get anybody to sing quite like Frankie Miller, you know?" opines Robbo, asked about one of his favourite track on the album, 'Mailbox'. "I just like that feel, basically. I really like 'Mailbox', which is a very, very early Frankie song, which I heard when I first came down to London. In fact, PHIL LYNOTT played me it, and I just thought it was such a great song. It's always been in my head, and I love the way it turned out. I think Frank is pretty pleased with it as well, you know?" At this juncture, Brian is hesitant to commit to any touring plans in support of Diamonds And Dirt, given that the musicians on the record all have their own bands (drummer Ian Haugland is in Europe, bassist Nally Pahlsson plays for Treat and Therion, singer Leif Sundin may be working with MSG and back-up singer Liny Wood is a solo artist – Robbo plays on her album).

But the record shouldn't be too hard to find, given its major label issue. And if you need yer Thin Lizzy fix, well… Lizzy is back on the road and touring hard, Robbo's classic twin lead partner Scott Gorham now capably celebrating the magic he and Robertson made together with none other than DIO and DEF LEPPARD axeman VIVIAN CAMPBELL.