ROSS THE BOSS - Recording New Album For AFM Page 2
Special Report by Martin Popoff

And to clarify, it's coming out as Ross The Boss Band?

"It'll come out as Ross The Boss Band, absolutely. The label was insisting on that. I didn't want that. But they said, 'Everyone knows you,' and we're not throwing any curveballs to any of these people. And they're looking for it to be the biggest album on AFM, ever. Listen, I'm not going to hype this record up to people, but let me tell you something, this record is just going to kill. When you think of heavy metal, and my guitar playing, it's going to be there (laughs)."

Ross is also a big loud part of a Dictators rarities CD that has recently been issued called Every Day Is Saturday. "Actually, I don't even know exactly what's all on it," laughs Ross. "But it's our early demos... Sixteen Forever, all the stuff we never used. Backseat Boogie, Fireman's Friend... you can't believe all the stuff that never made it to the record." See for more on this - a double vinyl issue will be available as well.