ROWAN ROBERTSON - Unchain The Wolves!
by Martin Popoff

At the age of 17, England's Rowan Robertson found himself as part of DIO for that band's 1990 album Lock Up The Wolves. That's the last anybody's heard of him, Robertson most notably having had a major label signing get shelved after four years of sweat and blood.

Robertson, relocated to LA ever since the Dio gig went south, offers the following re-hello. "Well yeah, I'm teaching, I've got a few students, and I'm actually playing in two bands at the moment, a band called RADFORD, which is a band on Universal, who have had one single out that did somewhat OK, and we're putting another one out. I'm also playing in this band called AM RADIO, which have been playing for about three years. We've had an album out a little over a year ago, going on two years now, out on Elektra. So I earn my living through both means, by playing in bands and teaching as well. AM Radio is basically pop rock, really. It's using distorted guitars and heavy drums and all that stuff but more in a pop sense, as far as the melodies and the singer goes.

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