ROWAN ROBERTSON - Unchain The Wolves! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Looking back to the post-Dio years, Rowan explains that, "in the following years, '91 to '95, I was involved with this guy Oni Logan, who used to sing in LYNCH MOB. We formed a band called VIOLET's DEMISE, which, start to stop, took us three or four years. We started from scratch, wrote the material and put the band together, got a deal, recorded the album, on Atlantic, with Dave Jerden, who was quite a big producer at the time. And unfortunately, that took me up to '94, and the album got shelved (laughs). So it was like four years work down the drain and it was a good album, which no one got to hear. It was pretty heavy; a little bit more experimental than anything. It was heavy, in the sense of heavy drums and guitars, but it was a little bit on the ZEPPELIN side, quite creative."

"We're looking for a deal right now, with AM Radio," says Rowan in closing. "We just did demos and they're trying to shop a deal, so that's what's going on with that." Rowan has also toured with VAST (Visual Audio Sensory Theater) and with TEDDY THOMPSON, son of guitar legend RICHARD THOMPSON. See for more.