RUDOLF SCHENKER Interview Page 2
by Tim Henderson

What's your relationship with Michael like these days?

"For the last two years he was living very close to me in the US, now he lives in London. We are close, but because we're both travelling a lot, it was difficult to meet. But his life is like a roller coaster - we are really close in different ways. I do whatever I can do to enjoy life. It's very difficult to find a balance between being a rock n' roll musician and being a normal person. I try to enjoy everyday more and more. Live today, not yesterday or tomorrow."

Long-time fans have yearned to see Michael and Uli Jon Roth appear on a new Scorpions album some day?

"Uli and my brother were supposed to be on the Humanity - Hour 1 album," Schenker reveals, "but the timing again was terrible. When we were in Los Angeles, Michael was in Japan. And Uli was in the process of giving his new album to his record company. My philosophy is is that when the time is right it will happen. Everyone is open to the idea."