RUSH - Victory Over Adversity Page 4
By Martin Popoff

Vapor Trails will be toured and toured extensively. Look for the band to play three hours and, as Alex intimates, unearth a few hidden gems. "Geddy and I sat down a couple weeks ago and listened to a lot of material. We decided that we wanted to shake up the set list this year. Other than new material that we want to add every year, there are the old Rush classics that we've been playing for decades. And we thought it might be nice to go out on a tour where we really freshen up the set; drop a lot of those songs that maybe a segment of our audience has gotten used to hearing and expecting and mix it up a bit; play songs we've never played before or haven't played in a long time. I really don't want to mention any now, but that required us to go through all the albums and listen to everything. We listened to Caress Of Steel, Hemispheres and man, we hadn't listened to those records in a long, long time. And you know what? Generally, our feeling was that they held up pretty good."