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Special Report by Martin Popoff

"We're nearly there. I just want to finish it" laughs Bill, "because I've been working on it for the last three years. And also, I don't want to go into a major touring situation wondering about 'cut five, did we do the Protools? Did we cut out A and B during the Protools session?' I don't want to have those kinds of numbers in my head. I'm going out there to rock and to drive Black Sabbath, and that's my total intention and to do that I have to have focus and an absolutely clear head. So no, the whole reason why I'm kind of working a little harder in April is to make sure my decks are cleared so that when we go on that stage I know exactly where I am, best as I can be. So I wouldn't do things that would either jeopardize my energy for my own album or jeopardize my energy for Black Sabbath."

It seems that Ward's found an even keel with his health and that there's been no question of other drummers for the upcoming tour, Geezer emphatically reiterating that "oh for sure, there's only one Black Sabbath and that's the four of us together. He's always had stamina; that was never a problem. I don't know where he gets it though (laughs)."

"Yeah, I'm good. I totally stopped smoking cold," notes Bill. "And I'm vegan now, although saying that on one hand, I still like to have a piece of cheese every once in awhile. And I like that Starbucks coffee too (laughs). Even though it's non-fat milk, it's not really vegan. I'm probably not exercising as much as I'm supposed to. But I do, yeah. I work out on the exercise bike and I walk. Yesterday I walked five miles."

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