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Special Report by Martin Popoff

And how are the chops these days? Have you added anything to your drum style in the last few years?

"I'm trying to (laughs). I think I have, actually. I'm trying different things. I think I've improved a little bit between my feet and my arms and my head. I'm trying to put extra little things in. By the time when we finished with the Sabbath tours and the Ozzfest tours in 1999, I felt pretty good about my drumming. I felt that it was starting to awaken. And I thought, well, you know, you're having a good time here because I was starting to put some jazz chops in between all the hard rock. So I was enjoying doing that. I don't think the audience could ever hear it, but I was having a blast doing it. It just kept everything nice. So when we start rehearsals for the coming tour of America and of England on May the 12th, I'm kind of hoping to come out of the gate pretty hard and heavy. We've been rehearsing for six weeks already so my chops aren't too bad."

Ward has also scrapped for now plans to reissue Ward One: Along The Way, with or without the Ozzy tracks, with or without re-recording the entire album, an idea which was bandied about over the years as an additional disc completing a two disc set.

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