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Special Report by Martin Popoff

And here's Geezer on the progress of his third solo album (one song title for you: 'The Ultimate Ghost'). "I'll work more on my album when I get back from the tour. I've got about twelve songs done. It encompasses everything I've done. Right now Clark Brown has done all the vocals and I'm working with Pedro Howse again who was the guitarist on my last two albums."

Anything from your files that might make it over to the Sabbath camp? "Yes, there's a really doomy one that Bill wants to snatch for the Black Sabbath album (laughs). As well, Tony likes one of them."

And here's Geezer with a few impressions of the Sabbath material. "We just wanted to see what we could come up with. We came up with about six or seven songs. No song titles yet, but it's back to the roots, back to the old '70s, early '70s sound. It's nothing like the Reunion tracks. That was done on Protools. Bill and myself weren't even there until the songs were done. This time we did it exactly the way we did the first three albums, just sit in the studio and jam together and record everything and then listen back to it all and then take the stuff that we like and work on it. And Ozzy would come up with the vocal melodies which is never a problem. So it's very much a group effort. And I'm not the designated lyricist anymore. Ozzy might write something or Bill or Tony. We're writing the way we used to on the first three albums. We all have to like it. If only two of us like it, then we don't keep it. And we're working up in Wales again, where we did the Reunion rehearsals."

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