Savatage - Music First? Page 4
By Martin Popoff

So he doesn't work this farm? "No, he's not a potato farmer (laughs). He has a lot of land though, I think it's about 12 or 14 acres. And it's got to be kept, it's got to be taken care of. I'm not sure what he does. I've never been there myself. I know it's a lot of land. Johnny has been there and he says it's ridiculous."

Which puts Jon into a tight situation where he's got to step up his vocal presence on stage, somewhat in quantity, due to the entire new album featuring his legendary bellow, but also in quality, given that he is more so the leader out there than ever before. "Well yeah, it's going to be a tough job. I'll have to pull it off. It's a two-singer band now. I sang the record so I'm going to have to cover those tracks live. But you know, Damond is going to have a lot of work to do too. There is a lot of singing going on in Savatage and for one guy, for me to think that I can do it I would be fooling myself. I know my limitations. We want people to get a great show, so to not be able to perform at a hundred percent, there's no point. Damond will be covering the Zach material and stuff like that and we'll let him do a couple of other things. But I'm going to be doing the 'Mountain King''s and stuff like that because it just sounds better when I'm doing it. But it's going to be a lot of fun and we're looking forward to it."