Saxon - Sailing To America Twice
By Martin Popoff

The new album will once again be written and pre-produced in England, with recording scheduled for January in Germany with Charly Bauerfeind who did Metalhead as well as Venom's Resurrection album. As with Metalhead, Bauerfeind and Biff will co-produce. One difference this time is that awesome Saxon drummer from the past Nigel Glockler will figure prominently in the songwriting, although he won't be touring or recording with the band. "We've been working with him now for four or five weeks," says Biff, "and it's been sounding really good."

Any other Saxon news? Any one-off songs the band is thinking about recording?

"There's nothing planned yet," offers Biff. "A lot of that stuff comes when we are actually recording. We like to keep it fairly loose so it's spontaneous. We don't go into pre-production for two months or anything. We write the songs and then we make a choice which ones we're going to go for and then we pre-produce them here in England and then when we go into the studio in Germany, pretty much everything is decided. But we might, if we've got some spare time one evening, we might jam a song down. And if we like it, we might put it on the album, which is what happened with 'Ride Like The Wind'."

And finally, there's been a well-documented spat back and forth between Biff's proper recording Saxon and a couple of past members gigging around also calling themselves Saxon. Has this blown over yet?

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