Saxon - Sailing To America Twice
By Martin Popoff

"Well, we have trouble with them all the time. Nothing much lately though. They're doing a small disco in Hanover, Germany, and they tried to call it Saxon. But they're calling it Oliver/Dawson Ex-Saxon now, so that's cool. I don't have a problem with that. I mean, they're pretty desperate really, so they do desperate things. Like all people who are on the wrong, they do tell lies to fit the picture. It's pretty easy when you lie a lot, to get the story to fit. You know, they put things on the Net that are really ridiculous. They sent out lawyer letters that their lawyers have sent, all sorts of stuff. I'm not going to stoop that low. It's crazy, really. They are desperate men, what can I say? They've been saying things like, this is Saxon and Biff left (laughs). Crazy stuff. And obviously there are some disreputable promoters around in some of the darker places of the planet that that will put somebody on and call them Saxon regardless of what it is."

Tour dates for the first of the two Saxon tours are as follows:

10/26/00 Thu. Jaxx, Springfield, VA
10/27/00 Fri. L'Amour, Brooklyn, NY
10/31/00 Tue. The Station, W. Warwick, RI
11/1/00 Wed. Stoned Monkey, Huntington, WV
11/3/00 Fri. Emerald Theatre, Detroit, MI
11/4/00 Sat. Attic Ballroom, Waunakee, WI
11/5/00 Sun. TBA, Minneapolis, MN
11/6/00 Mon. House of Blues, Chicago, IL
11/7/00 Tue. Juanita's, Little Rock, AR
11/8/00 Wed. Iron Bell, Temple, TX
11/9/00 Thu. Canyon Club, Dallas, TX
11/10/00 Fri. Metro, Austin, TX
11/11/00 Sat. Sunken Gardens, San Antonio, TX
11/12/00 Sun. Brickhouse, Amarillo, TX
11/14/00 Tue. Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA
11/15/00 Wed. Mason Jar, Phoenix, AZ
11/16/00 Thu. Camel Rock Cas., Santa Fe, NM
11/17/00 Fri. TBA, Cd Juarez, Mexico
11/18/00 Sat. TBA, Chihuahua, Mexico
11/19/00 Sun. TBA, Torreon, Mexico
11/22/00 Wed. Salon 21, Mexico City, Mexico
11/23/00 Thu. TBA, Pueblo, Mexico
11/24/00 Fri. Roxy, Guadalajara, Mexico
11/25/00 Sat. TBA, Monterrey, Mexico