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By Martin Popoff

The production job on Killing Ground struck me immediately as edgier than the past few albums, which contained more of a standard retro feel. Biff agrees, but adds that the productions vary.

"The guy who did it is quite a young guy so he would put more of a sampled edge on it. We did record everything live, but I think we added a few samples here and there to give it a bit more bite. But the drum sound does change here and there. Some parts are more live than others. The thing is, we're in a bit of a predicament in Europe. It's a brilliant predicament to be in, but we have to cater to our younger fans who have gotten into us in the last four or five years, and our older fans who like the classic stuff as well. It's a little bit difficult for us to come out with an album that is all one way, if you know what I mean. We're not the sort of band that just gets a sound on the guitar and runs the tape. We like every song to be different. We like to feel as though we are entertaining the public. It might be an outdated thing, but that's what we feel like we should do (laughs), entertain our fans really. It sounds a bit naive these days, but we still believe that. We still believe that live as well. I can't ever, ever remember a time we went on stage for any gig, be it a big brilliant massive gig with the eagle rig, or a shitty little club, where we didn't try to entertain the audience."

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